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Buddyplay puts reading first. Sign up and discover an endless list of books waiting to be opened and enjoyed. Click or tap the cover you like, and bam! You're ready to read.

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Buddyplay is an ongoing project. New novels come out daily, and we're always adding books to our service. In Buddyplay's ever-expanding library, you'll always find something to love.

Reading a book is a unique experience, and we understand that. We've built Buddyplay to imitate the feel of holding an old book as closely as possible. You'll never notice the difference.

When you sign up for Buddyplay, you’re signing up for one of the best e-books services around. Our library is personally curated by booklovers and tastemakers from every reading audience, so you’re guaranteed to find books you’ll love.

Simply put, we care about books and the people who read them. Buddyplay is all about bringing you the most authentic and tactile digital reading experience possible. We have great taste in books, too.

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